Most Awaited Wedding Collection Finally Launched at JabongWorld

Anyone who attended traditional Indian weddings can tell you about the sheer wedding costumes and glittering wedding accessories used during such occasions. In India, wedding means a mega show of luxurious wedding sarees and mind-blowing display of vibrant wedding dresses collection along with plentiful of fun and happiness. A perfectly dressed bride or groom is a common wedding scenario but, display of exclusive dresses between the relatives of both sides could only be seen in Indian Weddings. Buying a perfect bridal costume from any bridal dresses collection shop is not an easy task, moreover, picking perfect women’ s wedding dress suits for every relatives can make anyone sick. However, it does not mean that groom wedding dress shopping or buying mens wedding suits and men’s wedding sherwani dresses is easy. In an Indian wedding ceremony, no one want to left behind, even kids want to be the point of attraction during a wedding ceremony and therefore, kids wedding dresses are equally important for any such occasions as well.


With the launch women’s wedding dresses collection, those days of confusing and tiresome shopping for the wedding dresses are over. Buying anything from mens wedding attire, wedding sarees or women’s wedding dress suits are just a click away from you. You will be surprised to see the quality and elegance of the largest wedding collection sarees online in Jabongworld which is a world leader in online clothing and accessories business. Indians throughout the world trust and admires Jabongworld for its’ exotic wedding collection and free worldwide shipping facilities. Therefore, Indians in all over the world confidently buys wedding apparels for the biggest family celebration of lifetime.


The latest wedding range introduced by includes wedding sarees and bridal dresses collection for the beautiful bride, mens wedding suits and mens wedding sherwani dresses for the dashing groom. In addition, exclusive mens wedding attire for important family relatives and obviously, kids wedding dresses for the naughty children as well.



Wedding Sarees with exclusive embroidery and magnificent zari works are the main attraction of any Indian wedding; its’ very hard to imagine Indian weddings without the glittery sheer and zigzagging contrasts of colorful dresses. Wedding in India begins with the engagement ceremony and ends when a bride leaves her father’s house, one can feel every colors of human emotions such as happiness, fun, humor and even sorrow in the between duration. A large round of ceremonies held between the wedding and engagements and each ceremony requires a different dress for the bride and her relatives. Therefore, shopping for each ceremony is a hefty and tiresome experience for any individual. Moreover, picking perfect wedding dresses for each relative is extremely hard because, relatives are the hardest person on the earth when asked to pick the dresses they want to wear on the wedding ceremony.

You can bypass all of your wedding related worries by visiting; even your relatives find it hard to avoid the exclusive wedding range available in this mega online shopping mall. So all you would be brides and groom living in India or in any part of the world come and explore world’s largest Indian wedding dresses collection on and make this special occasion, an unforgettable experience of your life.

Mandira Bedi Heads to San Jose to Showcase her Saree Collection : Coming Soon on JabongWorld


For Mandira Bedi Saree Collection’s show, Janta Connection has partnered with Jabong World. is the international arm of, the leading fashion and lifestyle E-Commerce portal in India. Jabong was also one of the sponsors of Lakme Fashion Week in Summer 2014, and now partnered with Janta Connection for this show. Jabong World is a pioneer in Indian Ethnic Fashion Wear across the globe, as it aims to provide it’s international customers easy access to an array of beautiful ethnic wear, including sarees, lehengas, sherwanis, kurtis, shoes, bags and jewelry.


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Trendy Tips to Look Gorgeous This Diwali


The time is almost here for the once a year festival of lights, that is Diwali. Not only does this auspicious religious festival mean a lot to the many celebrating, but it also allows one to look and feel their best. Most tend to enjoy dressing up and take the time to ensure they are wearing something new and beautiful.

Everyone wishes to put their best foot forward this time of the year. Diwali clothing in today’s modern world doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the traditional heavy type sarees and heavy jewellery. Indian women nowadays use this occasion to experiment with their fashion style, and what better way to show it off than on Diwali. Below you will find various Diwali special dresses to ensure that you stand out in a never before seen outfit!

Embellished Dress Material

Want to be the belle of the ball, then wearing a beautifully designed embellished dress is a must for your inner Cinderella! These designs come in a variety of colors, from pink, magenta and green, with various styles and patterns to select from. As these dresses are flair types, pair it with minimal jewellery and simple make-up ensuring the focus stays on your beautiful ensemble.

Churidaar – Kameez

Ethnic and traditional dresses need not be boring and old-fashioned. The various types and colors to be found are still the number one fashion choice with regards to Diwali clothes for women. The ethnic choices we offer are contemporary in their designs and can be worn by every modern day woman. Our colors and designs are vibrant and trendy, with a choice for everyone, ensuring that you always stand out at any Diwali function you may be attending.
Women Clothing Online - Diwali Sale
Suit Sets

Diwali clothing must be full of color and trendy in design to fit the theme of the festival of lights. As such, we offer amazing Diwali suit sets in splashes of every color imaginable. Our suit sets are modern and elegant, and can be made up with the correct jewels to add a touch of class. If you really wish to come across as understated nobility then this look is just perfect for you.

The Saree

Designer sarees for Diwali
are our specialty. This is truly a timeless classic when it comes to Indian clothing. Though being a classic, the saree has surprisingly kept up with the times. Designers have come up with modern and innovative designs, ensuring that it can be worn through the ages. Many of our sarees are embroidered and come in various colors. Select one of our simple sheer sarees paired with a beautifully designed blouse to give you the edge fashion wise. Our color pairings will always ensure you look unique. We offer some of the best Diwali sarees online!


Fashion is something to be enjoyed and experimented with. When it comes to Diwali, you can always observe the festival rules but at the same time dress in manner where you may still allow your personality and individuality to shine through. With the help of our beautifully designed Diwali special dresses, create your own fashion trends for the festival this year.

Six Golden Tips To Consider when Buying Bed Sheets Online

Buying bed sheets can be an uphill task if you have not mastered all the tips and tricks for online shopping. You will need to know how to choose the right size, any time you buy bed sheets online. Choosing the right material and understanding all laundry instructions are also paramount factors to consider.

Why It Is Important To Choose The Right Sheet Size

It is very advisable to measure your mattress properly prior to buying bed sheets online. This will ensure that the sheets will fit properly on your mattress. Most techno-savvy shoppers prefer bed sheets with elastic corners.

These are easy to fit on the mattress. There are other alternatives like those designed with elastic running along the sides. There are also others which have elastic going all the way around. These are more expensive.

Other Important Tips To Consider Before You Buy Bed Sheets Online


(a) Consider the weave types:

When doing bed sheets shopping online, it is very vital to buy sheets that are comfortable and soft to sleep on. The longevity and feel of the bed sheets is determined by the type of weaves. You should ensure you have chosen an appropriate weave depending on your taste.

(b) Consider the method of dying:

You should take your time when buying a dyed bed sheet. Dyed threads are known to make sheets much soft. You should therefore choose bed sheets that are woven using dyed threads. Most bed sheets are stiff and rough when they are new. They usually become soft after frequent washing.

(c) Checking the laundry instructions:

These instructions will vary from one fabric to another. You should avoid buying sheets that require special methods of cleaning. Such bed sheets are likely to consume a lot of money and time when washing.

(d) Consider the bed sheet fabric:

You have to set your priorities right before you buy online bed sheets. You can be easily duped to buy a fabric that does not contain the right percentage of your ideal fabric. Some stores sell bed sheets made from a mixture of fabrics. You can contact the manufacturer or the supplier to ensure that you get the right fabric.

(e) Compare available and the required sizes:

You should consider availability of your favorite patterns sizes before you buy bed sheets online. Your ideal bed sheet should also be able to fit your bed properly.

(f) Consider the thread count:

A high quality fabric should have enough thread count. You should avoid bed sheets with lesser threads. Such fabrics are likely to be of poor quality and may not last long.

In summary, there are many factors that you should consider when doing bed sheets shopping online. The above are the main factors that you should consider any time you buy online bed sheets. You should always consider the size and quality of the sheet, any time you buy bed sheets online. It is also very vital to consider the fabrics used to make the bed sheets.

The Insider Secret on formal shirts Uncovered

Fashion has improved by leaps and bounds over the past decade or so. Men’s fashion has started changing from the times of boring trips to clothing stores to pick out shirts, that have to be tried on and tested and whatnot. Now, all that has become easy. You can sit and relax in the comfort of your bed or sofa and browse through an amazing range and array of clothing options, formal clothing options too. With the internet, it has become very easy to buy men’s formal shirts online.

Black Shirt Jabongworld

If you are aware of your size, and are able to seamlessly fit into any formal shirt, the opportunity is more like a blessing now for you. Formal shirts for gents can be picked out from the amazing and uber-cool array that are on display just for you to use. Just logon to the website, and pick out any of the shirts that you like, and pay online and within a matter of a few days, it is delivered right at your doorstep, and can be worn almost immediately. Sometimes, even returning it with a cash-back option is available.


Formal shirts for men has now become a niche sector. With the fashion conscious youth of today aware of the various brands and styles available, there are a dedicated bunch of men who will buy clothes that are stylish and work well at all times. This has caused a major influx of luxury clothing brands all over the country and people are hurrying to go and buy formal shirts for any event. Shirts are available for work, interviews, parties, gatherings, meetings and sometimes formal shirts can be used for even informal events, because they always give out a very mature and stylish look. So go online now and purchase from the best collection of formal shirts available.