DIY : Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial for Beginners

Your eyes are the mirror of your personality and there can be no other feature that can look as attractive as your eyes with a hint of makeup. The killer Smokey eye makeup is something that every women wishes to give a shot but choose not to because of the fear of not getting it right. While getting a perfect Smokey eye look like Angelina Jolie or Mila Kunis is something which you cannot get without the help of a professional makeup artist, there is still a sober way of getting smoking hot eyes for an alluring look.

Follow this simple 8 step tutorial to create the killing and oh so gorgeous Smokey eye look for yourself even if you are a beginner.


Step 1: Begin With Smooth Base: Use primer lotion over your upper and lower eye lids to create a smooth eye shadow base. You can also use concealer if you want your make-up to last longer.

Step 2: The Sparkling Lid: Take champagne colored eye shadow and apply a thin coat of it over your upper lids starting from inner corner till the point of your brows.

Step 3: Line it Up: Take water proof kohl pencil and apply it generously over your upper and lower water line.

Step 4: Eye Shadow: Take brown colored eye shadow and apply it on the hollows of your upper eye lid. After this, take black eye shadow and apply it towards the end of your eyes for Smokey effect.

Step 5: Enhance the Smokey Effect: take black cream texture eye liner and apply it around your eyes to enhance the Smokey effect.

Step 6: Blend the Look: Blending is very important to create an alluring Smokey Eye effect. Take a clean smudging brush and blend your eye liner and eye shadow together without leaving any crease. Take brown eye shadow and use it to mix the black eye shadow at the corner of your eyes with the brow shadow towards the hollowed portion of your eyes.

Step 7: Highlight: Take light golden colored highlighter and use it over your brow bone and inner eye corners to brighten the effect.

Step 8: Voluminous Lashes: Curl your eye lashes and accentuate them using two coats of high volume mascara or use fake lashes to finish the look.

Be bold and spontaneous to try this fascinating and smoking hot look at home with a little bit of creativity mixed with your love for alluring Smokey Eyes!!

4 Things No One Told You about Choosing a Bridal Lehenga

Shopping for bridal attire is the best experience of women’s life because it is a time when she was buying nothing less than best for the most important occasion of her life. But wedding shopping can also be a hectic affair, especially when you head out to buy that perfect Lehenga for you that will make you stand out among the others in your special ceremony.


Many a times you end up hearing things like “you will make the most stunning bride in this outfit” or “ “this is best designer outfit you can have for your wedding to resemble an actress” from the shopkeepers. But the reality remains far from the false claims they make. While choosing a perfect bridal lehenga, above anything else you should look for the comfort that its offering you, because at the end it will be you wearing it throughout the ceremony not anyone else.

So, here is a small checklist for would be bride’s to understand the basic nuances of buying a perfect bridal lehenga for themselves to make their special moment even more special.

  1. Lining of your Dupatta Matters a Lot: Naturally your dupatta will be having a nice and heavy border, just turn it over and check the fabric of the lining behind that border, not to forget what color has been used for that lining. It is important to pay attention to duppata lining because it will be touching your face throughout and will also be visible in almost all your pictures. Pick a bright colored lining like cherry red, yellow or orange for dupatta as they add brightness to your face, which improves the quality of your wedding photographs. Avoid darker hues like blue as they might end up making your face look dull.
  2. Pay More Attention to Blouse and Dupatta Over your Lehenga: Girls paying attention to their lehenga skirt over their blouse and dupatta is a common practice. But, check out all the pictures of your sister’s or friend’s wedding and you will find out that most of the photographers take pictures above the waist and lehenga skirt is hardly visible. Thus it makes complete sense to pay extra attention to your blouse and dupatta rather than fretting over the skirt.
  3. Choose Motifs According to Your Size: If you find yourself to be on the heavier side, then you should certainly avoid large motifs and embroidery patters. Large motifs shout for attention and also accentuate your size. Choosing small and delicate embroidery patterns can soften your look and make you look slimmer. Vice versa, if you are on a frail side, then go for bold patterns that highlight your figure rather than overwhelming your appearance.
  4. Choose Lehenga According to your Jewelry: Usually girls buy their lehenga first and then buy the jewelry they will be matching with it. Instead, you should buy your jewelry first as you will be wearing it throughout your life, wherein your lehenga will be worn not more than twice or thrice. A single piece of necklace can be matched with the variety of lehengas, but a lehenga cannot be matched with a variety of neckpieces.


We are sure nobody has ever told you that these things are far more important than color and embroidery for the picture perfect wedding ensemble. So, do pay attention to the detailing and beauty of your wedding lehenga, but consider these small yet important aspects as well.

5 Essentials for the Ethnic Indian Wardrobe

Indian ethnic fashion has always enjoyed a sublimed attention from fashion connoisseurs across the globe. No matter how vast the western fashion is, women always find some room in their wardrobe to add Indian ethnic fashion in some or the other way. If you are also among those who love to have some Indian fashion colors as a part of their attire, we bring you some of the bare essentials of the ethnic Indian wardrobe that you must have to form a traditional yet contemporary style statement. The best thing about these essentials is that you can team them with almost everything and wear them to office, party, college, wedding, etc. with equal poise.

Heavy Embroidered Dupatta

If you love Indian ethnic attire, then you must have at least one heavy embroidered/patch work dupatta in your closet. A nicely embroidered dupatta can be worn with a plain salwar kameez to add richness to your otherwise sober attire. For a casual loo, add e heavy dupatta to your harem pants and spaghetti top or you can use it as a colorful addition to a saree for a more formal look. You can buy embroidered dupatta in some neutral color like maroon, red or black so that it can be teamed with anything.


Flattering Kurtas

Kurtas are one thing from Indian ethnic fashion that can never go wrong. They are chic and can be paired easily with a salwar, churidar, legging, jeans, trousers, skirts, etc. for a formal or causal look as you desire. You must buy at least 2 to 3 kurtas on the basis of their style and fabric so that you can mix and match them with your choice of bottoms and accessories. Some of the common styles of kurtis like A shaped kurti, without slit tunics, printed kurtis, umbrella kurtis, etc. made in fabrics like cotton, chiffon, chikan, georgette, silk, etc. are quite popular among women.


Sequence Blouse

Having a sequence blouse as an ethnic wardrobe essential gives you liberty to borrow saree from your friend or mom easily without worrying about the blouse fitting. These blouses can go effortlessly with almost any type of saree. A black sequence blouse can be teamed ensemble easily with magenta, white, blue, red, magenta or yellow colored saree, whereas a golden colored sequence blouse is an ideal match for black, white, green, brown or rust colored saree. If you have saree in blue, pink, purple or magenta color then a silver colored sequenced blouse is your best bet.


Leggings are so versatile that you can wear them with almost all kinds of kurtas, kurtis and tunics. A black and white colored legging in your closet is a must have, you can add some basic colors as well that can go universally with your collection of kurtas. Ankle length leggings are the latest fashion trend that looks amazingly stylish with tunics and long length straight kurtas.

Basic Silver Jewelry

No accessory in this world can add glamour to your ethnic Indian attire than a classy piece of chic silver jewelry. A nice collection of silver ear rings, bracelets, anklets or chunky silver neckpieces can add ethnic touch your attire that too without much investment.

Adding these basic fashion apparels to your ethnic wardrobe can actually help you style your traditional look in a unique manner every time you decide to go desi with your fashion sense.

5 Beauty Fixes For Brides To Be

Your wedding remains the most important occasion of your life and you want that to be nothing less than perfect. Everything from decorations, catering, accommodation for guests, venue, etc. has to be in place and in accordance with your taste. Most importantly, you want yourself to be the flawless bride for your special day with no compromise on dress, footwear, jewelry and make up. But, sometimes things might go wrong for you and you end up with beauty emergencies on your big day. Here are some quick fixes for common beauty disasters that a bride may face on her wedding day.

An Annoying Zit

An annoying zit can pop up anytime, no matter how good your pre-bridal was. All the sweetmeats and oily food you eat during the pre-wedding functions might leave you with a pimple or two. Add lack of sleep to it and the situation might worsen. If you face any such situation on your big day, don’t panic, just apply some ice over it as the coolness of ice subdues the pimple bacteria. For a quick fix, make paste with cloves and cinnamon and apply over the people, leave on for 30min and wash off. Avoid using oily makeup and camouflage that area using concealer.


Puffy Eyes

Late night functions, lack of sleep and unhealthy eating habits during pre-wedding ceremonies might leave you with puffy eyes. Put frozen teaspoons on your puffy eyes to subdue them. You can also use ice packs, warm tea bags and chilled cucumber slices to get rid of puffy eyes.


Dark Circles

Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles, so it’s advisable to not compromise on your sleep to avoid most of the beauty emergencies. However, it is rather easy said than done, so to avoid dark circles apply cooling pack meant for eyes before sleeping a night before your wedding. Apply moisture on that area after washing the pack off. If the problem still persists, use concealer to hide ugly dark circles.


Smudged Eye Makeup

Getting emotional during your wedding is quite obvious and the flow of tears may run down your kohl and mascara over the cheeks. Use waterproof eye makeup for your wedding day as a preventive measure for this beauty emergency.


Chipped or Ruined Nails

You might have got the best possible manicure for yourself, but there is no way you can prevent your nails from getting chipped during all the wedding hustle-bustle. Keep basic things like nail life, nail polish remover and your choice of nail polish handy. Smoothen your nails with a filer as soon as you find them chipped and finish them with a nice coat of nail polish.


Getting nervous on your wedding day is common because of all the tension and fear of having the best wedding. The only way you can avoid the anxiety and beauty emergencies is to be prepared beforehand for unwanted incidents. 

Gleam in the Festivities of Lohri with Ethnic Fashion

With Lohri being just round the corner, this is the right time to put on your dancing shoes and get ready to gyrate on some Punjabi Bhangra Beats. Lohri is celebrated as a symbol to mark the end of the harvest season in northern part of India, which also means the end of winter solstice. The festival is quite significant for the Punjabi community and is celebrated with equal fervor among all. On this day fashion seems to take a traditional punch with all the women, men and kids are dressing their best in traditional Indian outfits and dance on the tunes of Punjabi music.


Just like Navratri and Diwali, Lohri comes with its own collection of fashionable apparels, wherein the use of bright colors remains the focused area. To put your best foot forward in fashion arena for this beautiful festival, rely on traditional Indian outfits like sarees, suits, Patiala salwars, anarkali suits, etc. to maintain that ethnic touch in your attire. Being the first festival of the new year and also the one associated with the beginning of new month go for bright colors like red, orange, yellow, fuchsia, maroon, green and more.


Jabongworld is featuring an exclusive dazzling lohri collection in myriad bright hues to help you sparkle in the gleam of Lohri festivities. To achieve the perfectly chiseled look for Lohri, team a short length kurta in phulkari or bold prints with bright colored Patiala salwar and complementing dangling ear rings. Adding a heavy or lightly embroidered dupatta to it will complete your traditional Punjabi attire for Lohri.

pink-sarees-14c3e23cc76199d724ccde7348d5f2ec striped-silver-kurta-e0f24caa3015fba26da7e22457b48c2d

If you are married and this is your first Lohri, then it’s going to be an extra special occasion for you. To make the most of it, dress in a bright colored saree like red or maroon, add maang tika, bangles and light necklace as accessories to your attire. You can choose from lightly embroidered chiffon saree or nice bordered georgette saree for this day.

Even men can shop for their Lohri apparels at Jabongworld, as we have added an exclusive collection of embroidered kurtas and indo western dresses for men in our Lohri special catalogue. Men can also buy jewelry for their beloved as a Lohri gift from Jabongworld, as we have traditional Indian ear rings, bracelets and necklaces in ethnic as well as contemporary designs.

Shop now with Jabongworld to celebrate the season of warmth and delve in the festivities of Lohri.

Dress like A Bollywood Diva To Ring In The New Year

New Year is the perfect time for celebrations, with winters kicking in and everyone is going onto the party season mode. But, for women this is also that time of the year when they are most stressed about their picture perfect look at their grand New Year party. This year, take some style cues from our favorite Bollywood Divas to get a stunning New Year party look and stand out like a star of the mighty evening.

Shine in Classic Skirts

For women, skirts can never go out of fashion and they also make a perfect party staple for many. If you also wish to look like a hottest thing in the party then choose from full skirts, pleated skirts, tube skirts or even maxi skirts to make a distinguished party statement. Teaming up your skirt with shimmer or sequined top is an excellent idea to make a sparkling entry in the New Year bash. A dash of red lipstick combined with a pair of stylish stilettos is enough to finish off your party look. You can take fashion cues from Bollywood Divas like Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra who have mastered this simple yet elegant ensemble with their chunky accessories.


The Sheath Babe

If you are blessed with the svelte figure then why not flaunt it with a sheath dress just the way our b-town babes do. Printed, laced, beaded or just a bright color pick your choice of sheath dress combine it with a statement neck piece and BANG!! You are good to go for a New Year party. Don’t forget pair of sexy heels to complete your party look, we suggest you to go for pointed pumps, especially if you are opting for a sheath dress in solid pop color. Make sure you do justice with your curves by choosing the sheath dress of right fit for your body.

Sparkle is Never out Of Fashion

A metallic dress or a shimmering sequined outfit is perfect attire for the New Year party season as they never go out of fashion are always the safest bet if you are not the kind of experimenting with your look. Chunky jewelry and red lipstick is what all you need to spice up your sparkle look. This way you can keep your shimmer look simple yet classy without going over the top in your selection.

Look Pretty in Little Black Dress

Well if you don’t find yourself agreeing with any of the above mentioned New Year options then simply grab a classy LDB for the hottest party of the year. Little black dress is evergreen, sexy and sleek, thus can make you go glam just the moment you wear it. Trust our words, you can never go wrong with black and it works wonders for almost all body types. Go for something which is latest in fashion with contemporary cuts and designs. Your LBD should not be too short or too long and should just end above your knees. Throw in a shimmer gold/silver jacket over it complemented with high bright hued heels for an additional touch of glamor. You can also flare that with knee length boots if you are in for some experiment. Pearls are the best accessory option to go with an LBD.


So, this New Year party do not get afraid of experimenting with your looks. Explore the fashion frenzy Bollywood looks of your favorite divas and make it your own style statement without compromising on your comfort and confidence. Just enjoy the party season without fretting over your style.