Why Women Love Their Stiletto Heels?

Are you a woman? Do you love wearing heels? If not than chances are you are just escaping from the fact that you are not comfortable wearing them all through the day and walking through them with confidence. But if your answer is yes, then chances are many of you simply love your stiletto heels. High stilettos heels are one of the most preferred kinds of heel women love to wear as they make them look sexy and attractive. If worn with the right kind of outfit, the stylish stiletto heels can add a touch of glamour to your attire. Stilettos are the kind of heels, which can act as an eye grabber for you if you are trying to woo people around you or you just to wish stand out in the crowd.

Black belly shoes

Ever since they entered the fashion galore, high heel stilettos have maintained their top position. The splendor they add to a women’s attire is praiseworthy, as they make women look delicate and classy. Not to forget the extra inches they add to their height and amount of confidence they give to a women is splendid. A woman wearing stiletto heel is a lot more appealing to a man then a woman wearing flats or even wedges heels.  Slim, long and sleek style of stiletto heels can make any girl look attractive.

Most of the women prefer to wear designer stiletto heels with 3 to 6 inches height, but you can buy an exclusive stiletto heel with up to 8 inches or more height to look longer. While buying such long stiletto heels is fine, but you should know the right technique to walk in them comfortably, else they might cause damage to your health. Women who often complain about the health hazards that high stiletto heels pose to them are usually not aware of the technique to walk in them comfortably. There is a special way to walk in comfortable stiletto heels that all women need to understand.

They might look delicate at first, but comfortable stiletto heels are quite robust and have the strength to endure the weight of the person appropriately. Girls can ensure that they won’t fall if they walk in stilettos the right way and yes the heel won’t break, no matter how sleek its design is.

For women who love to adore fashion find stiletto heels their best counterpart with their stylish design and classic appeal. Most of the popular footwear brands come up with their branded stiletto heels collection for women. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, brands and patterns of women stilettos heels collection on our website. These comfortable, durable, excellent quality and affordable stiletto heels can be mixed and matched with traditional as well western outfits of our choice.

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Jabongworld Christmas Shopping Carnival: A Smart way to Shop

As the winter knocks on the door, the festivities of Christmas also ring the bell. The magical moments of Christmas season seem incomplete without shopping and buying gifts for the loved ones. Even though the thought of shopping for Christmas entices you, the realization of spending hours in the shopping mall to pick that perfect party dress or a gift for the dear one might dread you.

But, with Jabongworld at your rescue, you can easily save yourself of all the hassle and headache with the convenient online shopping. With us you will not only get the best shopping catalogue to choose from, but will also get the chance to cash on some amazing Christmas sale discounts. With our Christmas gifts shopping catalogue, you can choose the products from a variety of sections whether it be men’s apparel, women’s apparel, kids wear, home décor, jewelry and lot more that too with utmost convenience.

You don’t need to exhaust yourself by spending weekends shopping for Christmas gifts or taking time out of your holiday season break to shop at the mall. Just visit Jabongworld, search for the products of your choice in our online catalogue, find products with great discounts and click to pay, that’s it. The product will be delivered at your doorstep in no time that too without any shipping charges. We provide free shipping across the globe, which surely is another reason to shop conveniently and happily with us during Christmas.


From Christmas decorations to Christmas outfits, Christmas Eve party dresses, designer Christmas clothes for women and kids and a lot more is available with Jabongworld. Amazing gifting ideas like home décor items, furnishings, jewelry, etc. are the major attractions of our Christmas gifts catalogue, just browse through them and find the one for people you love and celebrate the merriness of Christmas.

All the products from our Christmas shopping catalogue are available at the best bargain price, thus ensuring not to hurt your wallet during the holiday season. Add all the money you will be saving from fuel, which you might unless waste if shopping from a mall.

So, double the fun and excitement of Christmas gift shopping with Jabongworld and enjoy the best moments of the most magical time of the year with ease.


Common Mistakes Men Make When Dressing in the Suit

Adorning a great new suit with the crisp shirt might make you feel and look good, but are you really looking good in that attire? The chances are you might be making some of the common suit mistakes while choosing the appropriate formal attire for yourself. So, gentlemen it’s time to brush up your style senses and do your bit of homework to eliminate the chances of committing any of these common suit wearing mistakes.

Wearing Wrong Size Suit

You might find this one absurd, but the fact is most of the men have no idea about their correct suit size and they usually end up wearing ill fitted men’s suits. Designers have always claimed that men’s suits should fit like a glove, no matter whether you got that custom tailor made or have just picked it up off the rack. Your suit size should complement your body, shape, size and fit effortlessly without making it look like a sack.

The ideal sleeve length of men’s suit should be long enough to show 6mm of shirt cuffs, anything more or less than that will be considered ill fitted. Shoulders of your designer men’s suit must not look like a divot and should perfectly match the fit. Drooping shoulders are the sign that suit is not meant for you. With slim fit suits taking the top spot in men’s stylish suits segment, there is no room left for the dated baggy suits in the fashion arena.


Choosing the Wrong Shirt

This is one style mistake that most of the men make while selecting formal attire. From choosing wrong collar style or color, men usually fall flat in this selection. The thumb rule for selecting a shirt for men’s suits is that it must be formal one, avoid casuals no matter how good they look on you. You must have at least 3 to 4 quality formal shirts with inclusion of basic white color in your wardrobe to match your suit. The collar size of your shirt should be according to your neck so that you will not end up with the awkward collar gap between your blazer and shirt.



Going Wrong with the Accessories

Men’s accessories play a vital role in finishing off the formal attire and make men look best in what they are wearing. But there are men, who sometimes end up over accessorizing their outfit. A nice set of cufflinks, tie matching your shirt and a well adorned pocket square (optional) is enough to add some charm to your attire. Keeping it simple is the key to look great in formal suits.

Wrong Belt and Shoes Combination

If you chose to wear brown leather shoes then it will be best to have the same shade leather belt to complete your look. Your shoes and belt should always complement each other without any exceptions. So, the next time you went out to buy a pair of formal shoes, make sure you buy the leather belt in same color or invest in two leather belts of brown and black color each to cover the choice of shoe you make.

If you are also making any of these mistakes, then don’t worry, bringing some simple changes or additions in your wardrobe can help you flaunt your style. So, take a stock of your wardrobe and browse through our collection of exclusive men’s suits and men’s accessories to be style ready in no time.


Why Having Carpets & Rugs is Important for Your Home Décor?

Over the time, home décor has taken a prime importance in modern homes. A well-furnished and decorated home is considered to be a status symbol for many. The changing home décor patterns have introduced a lot of new home décor items that not only add a touch of luxury but can also be equally important to enjoy maximum comfort at home.

Carpets and Rugs have always enjoyed the fancy of those who love to have traditional touch to their home. They are indeed a great home décor idea for personalizing your home environment. The artistic expression, vibrant colors, soft touch fabric and the fact that they are available in a variety of designs, patterns, materials and embroidery makes them a must have home décor item. If you have that eye for detailing and love to add new dimensions to your home décor, you will surely understand that the inclusion of rugs and carpets can actually define the mood and character of your room.


But, apart from being extremely beautiful, adding rugs and carpets in your home décor can also have its own benefits, like:

Safety: Using rugs with rug pads can provide stable walking surface, which greatly helps in decreasing the chances of injury is someone falls accidentally. If you have small kids or senior citizens at your home, then this can be of great help for you to ensure their safety. Using rugs and carpets beneath chairs, sofas or tables also protects against unwanted furniture movement, like chair slip on hardwood floor while sitting down, which might also lead to injury.

Sound Reduction: Do you have a lot of hard surface at your home? If yes, then you must be getting annoyed of all the foot tapping going around the house. Also, noise from things like telephones, stereos, televisions, etc. echo’s in places with hard surfaces. Rugs and carpets have the ability to absorb and reduce such noises, thus making your place peaceful and calm.

Comfort: No matter how attractive the hardwood flooring might look to you, but they certainly cannot match the comfort of a traditional carpet or rug. Addition of carpets and rugs in your room can make it a lot more inviting, warm and cozy not only for you but also for your guests as well.

Having carpets at home can be an excellent idea, but cleaning them at regular intervals is equally important. So here are some cleaning tips for your carpets and rugs.

Vacuum them Regularly: To clean your carpets and rugs, use upright vacuum cleaner having rotating brushbar attachment. This will agitate the fibers present in the rug and will remove more dust as compared to the conventional vacuum cleaning. You can vacuum top surface once a week and after a couple of weeks ensure to vacuum the carpet from reverse side too.

Do Not Allow Spill to Settle as Stain: If you or someone else has accidentally spilled something on the carpet, do not wait for it to dry out as it might turn into an ugly stain. Clean it immediately using the proper cleaning method that depends on the kind of spilling you are facing. Best is to get it dry cleaned as soon as possible to maintain its beauty.

Get it Steamed: To remove unpleasant smells from your carpets get them steamed at regular intervals. Steam mops will sanitize the carpets and also keep them refreshing. Do not overdo the steam as it might wet the carpet too much.

So, add carpets and rugs to your home décor for an artistic look. The options are limitless, all you have to do is to design your decorate plan, decide what kind of carpet will redefine your home and make the purchase to add an ultimate touch of luxury and comfort to your home. Not to forget the additional benefits they come with for you and your family.

How to Pick the Right Indo –Western Outfit for Men

If you think picking up a dress for women is a cumbersome task, then think again, because with the evolving fashion trends, picking up nice party wear attire for men has become equally difficult. These days, even deciding a men’s attire for occasions like wedding, engagement or a party needs equal attention as they have a plethora of ethnic yet contemporary outfits to choose from.

If you are also in search for an elite, classy and modern outfit for a special occasion, then this time try experimenting with the prevailing Indo-Western wear trend for men. In recent years, fashion designers have come up with an exclusive collection of Indo Western Wear for men, where they beautifully blend the traditional Indian style with modern day appeal to carve out an altogether stunning men’s wear collection.

The options in Indo Western wear collection for men can be endless with Sherwanis, Bandhgalas, Jodhpuris, etc. teamed with churidars, pathaani salwars and a lot more for urbane look. But the question is, how to pick that perfect indo-western attire that can not only help your redefine your style, but will also provide you maximum comfort.


So, here are some points that you must take into consideration, while buying an Indo-Western outfit for a special occasion like wedding:

  • Fabric material is the most important aspect that you should consider while buying an Indo-Western outfit. Mostly, such attires look best when made in silk or brocade as they look elegant, without being too flashy. You might end up wearing that outfit for too long, so never ever compromise with the quality of the fabric. Choosing a low quality fabric for an Indo-Western outfit will make it look pathetic and will also be a complete waste of money.
  • Sometimes we end up buying so luxuriously designed outfits, which are almost impossible to wear the next time, especially when buying for wedding. So, always consider buying outfit which is classy, yet elegant with minimum embroidery or embellishments. This will not only make it look elegant, but will also keep it light and comfortable, so that you can wear it in future as well.
  • Do not over splurge when buying something expensive like an Indo-Western wear for men. Stick to your budget and select dress, which is worth its price.
  • Some of you might find elaborate designs fascinating, but not all are blessed with the body to carry them with confidence. Choose designs and cuts according to your body shape, height, color complexion, etc. so that you won’t end up standing out of the crowd for all the wrong reasons. If you are the groom, then make sure you buy an outfit complimenting the bride’s dress.

Indo-western for men

Keeping an eye on these handy tips while buying an Indo-Western outfit for men can help you a great deal in making the right choice. We have an exclusive collection of designer indo-western wear for men in varied styles and colors. Explore and choose the one that best suits your personality. So Happy Shopping!!


Looking for Black Friday ‘sale’? You are at the right place!!!

The official black Friday sale is here. Christmas shopping could not start at a better time other than this Friday. This is when you officially start your Christmas shopping for you and your family.

Express-Delivery_GP_25-11-2014You can start your Christmas in style by checking out the great offers we have for you this Friday. Christmas is a time to wear the latest and most trendy clothing. They set you in the festive mood and are a good way to start your celebrations. Nothing beats a gift of a well-designed and tailored clothe and that is what we want to offer you.

The black Friday sale are better than any other discounts you have had the whole of this year. You will shop till you drop. Clothes can never be enough, which is where we both agree on. We want to give you the chance to own every piece of clothing that you have dreamt of having this year and could not because of the prices.

We have a special section for black Friday clothing that offers plenty of clothes options both for men and women. Children are not left out either. If you are having your wedding or attending a wedding this Christmas, we got you sorted too. You can pick from a variety of specially selected black Friday dresses that will suit your occasion.

Christmas is incomplete without gifts. This is why we have selected for you black Friday gifts so you can surprise your loved ones. Be the first to give out the gift. The gifts are in plenty from jewelry to clothing items and many more. Start someone’s Christmas in a special way.

Get your offer before it runs out. The great deals we have will leave you wishing every Friday was a black Friday. This is a Friday like no other.